Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Happiness

Have you ever had a day where you just wander around with your head in the clouds, simply to be happy? Today I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and just did it. I had many adventures today. :) The funniest part of my day was..

Me and my mother went to the store today, simply to buy the few necessaries. She was late to work, so we were supposed to rush in and out of the store as quickly and efficiently as possible. They were out of turkeys, of course, so our whole trip was mostly a waste. Just as we were heading towards the cashier she said, "Oh! Do we need any shredded cheese?" and I replied, "Well.. Yeah, its not that important though". But she said I might as well get it, and since she was late, I ran halfway through the store. Running full-speed down the many hallways, almost running over everyone. When I got to the food section, I wasn't out of breath yet so I stepped up the pace. Cheerleaders were grouped around their precious beauty products and I ran straight towards them; They freaked out and broke apart their little clique and gave me angry looks, I simply smiled back. "Almost there", I thought when suddenly, an elderly woman came inching out from the isle. Almost running her over, I was like a cat without brakes, slipping and sliding, trying to avoid her because I didn't want to hurt her. I yelled back "Sorry!" as I kept towards the cheese. Arriving at the dairy isle, I went in and grabbed the cheese. While heading back, I decided to take a different route back to mom, and this time without the high-speed action. :) As I was leaving, I was staring at the miniature food court they had. My favorite part about going to the store is always the food courts (if they have them). I ran up to them with mom and ordered a pretzel and a drink. The cashier was not enthusiastic, she seemed almost mad to have a customer, but I kept on smiling and enjoying daydreaming..

This is where it gets good..
I went to go fill up my cup and leave so mom wouldn't be anymore late when I started to daydream without thinking. As I went up to the machine, I noticed a very grumpy looking older-man in the corner.. I placed my cup and click for ice. The cup fell over, I remember seeing it but was too involved with my daydream to notice. Ice was pouring everywhere from the machine. Finally it clicked in my head, and I scooped up some ice and tried to keep it off the floor the best I could. Behind me, the older fellow began to smirk. I went to pour in the drink, so I placed my cup under the next place and that daydream came back. Soda began to fill my drink as I was staring into the beyond. Soon after, soda began to pour over the lid and onto my hand, seeping through my fingers, that sugary substance. Again, it wasn't clicking in my head. I was simply staring at the soda spill over. After I realized what was going on, I had made a huge sugary mess all over the counter. I grabbed some napkins and tried to clean it up when I remembered that mom was outside waiting for me. I grabbed my purchases and ran outside, dropping the napkins three times in just a few steps. Then I raced out the door, trying not to spill anything else as the older fellow began to laugh, a very loud, happy laugh. I was sure that I really made his day. :)